Terry Barnes
principal, Cormorant Policy Advice; fellow, Institute of Economic Affairs; former special adviser to two Australian health ministers

From 1987, Terry worked for 20 years in both Australian politics and bureaucracy.

He was a special adviser to two Australian health ministers, including Tony Abbott, who later became Australian prime minister. Since 2007 Terry has been a consultant, policy analyst and political commentator in Australia.

Terry writes and talks regularly on health, politics and other subjects for Australian and overseas newspapers, The Spectator’s Australian edition, websites including Conservative Home, radio and TV.  In 2014, he became the catalyst for a major Australian political debate when he advocated mandatory patient co-payments for GP services. He has become known as a bit of a health policy and regulation trouble-maker.

In 2015 Terry became a part-time fellow of the UK Institute for Economic Affairs, looking at lifestyle economics issues in Australia and New Zealand, and questioning nanny state policies and regulation.

Follow Terry on Twitter @TerryBarnes5


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