Europe After Brexit: is there a future for the EU?

Saturday 25 November, 16:4518:15, University of Applied Sciences Europe, Dessauer Str. 3-5, 10963, BerlinBattle of Ideas Europe


This session is part of 25 years of Novo: The Freiraum Congress, a day of debates covering politics, freedom and the future of society.

Everyone seems to agree that the EU needs to change to survive. At their first meeting after the French elections, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron emphasised their intention to reform the EU. Jean-Claude Juncker, too, has offered his own plans for a shake-up, while on the other side of the political spectrum, a group of left-wing intellectuals (amongst them Gesine Schwan) have published a pamphlet calling for a social reform of the EU. Even the organisers of the pro-EU ‘Pulse of Europe’ demonstrations want to save the EU by reforming it. Even though elections in France and the Netherlands have been won by pro-EU politicians, Brexit has alarmed many EU supporters. Yet many reformers have also spoken out against the idea of further referenda. Should an institution that fears a public vote on its future be reformed or abolished? What exactly do we want to protect and save?

NOTE: this debate will be in German.