Citizen or consumer: what about our freedom of choice?

Saturday 25 November, 15:0016:30, University of Applied Sciences Europe, Dessauer Str. 3-5, 10963, BerlinBattle of Ideas Europe


This session is part of 25 years of Novo: The Freiraum Congress, a day of debates covering politics, freedom and the future of society.

The significance of consumer policy in Germany has grown vastly during the years of the Conservative/SPD ‘grand coalition’. Apart from classic consumer protection measures, the focus has been on the control of consumption through government policy. There is stronger regulation of advertising alcohol and tobacco. Elements of our diets like sugar and fat are increasingly subject to political micro-management. There is still considerable enthusiasm for using ‘nudge’ techniques to encourage us, unconsciously, to ‘do the right thing’. What policies are coming next? How should the opposition challenge these measures? How should we assess the politics of the parties in the Bundestag and other consumer policy actors?

NOTE: This debate will be in German