A revolution in art: a visual appreciation of the Russian Revolution

Saturday 28 October, 12:0013:00, Frobisher 4-6Culture Wars

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The Russian Revolution in October 1917 shook the world and its artists. Russian art became iconic for political upheaval and artistic innovation. But artists as different as Kandinsky, Malevich, Popova and Rodchenko defy political categorisation. Does their art transcend the moment in which they lived and the ideas (political and otherwise) that they explored or espoused? Can we still enjoy Kandinsky’s work even if we are bemused by his particular brand of spiritualism? What is the significance and meaning of Malevich’s Black Square? Does Constructivism have anything to offer us today? How did Russian artistic innovations relate to other European movements of the time, such as Cubism and Futurism?

In this visual lecture, artist and art history teacher Dido Powell will take us through a selection of key works by Russian artists working at the time of the revolution, and help us on the way to a critical appreciation of their legacy to art.