Julie Hill

Julie Hill is former Director of, and now an Associate of, Green Alliance – one of the UK’s foremost environmental policy organisations.  Her areas of expertise are biotechnology, waste and resources policy, and sustainable buildings.  She has recently been Deputy Chair of the Agriculture and Environment Biotechnology Commission (AEBC), a member of the Government’s GM Science Review Panel, and is currently a member of the Government’s Commission on Environmental Markets and Performance.

Julie is a non-executive director of the Eden Project in Cornwall; a member of the Environmental Advisory Board for Shanks plc, a large waste company; a member of the Government’s Waste and Resources Research Advisory Group; and a member of the Advisory Committee to the Innogen Centre at Edinburgh University.  She was awarded an MBE in 2001.

She has authored and co-authored a number of publications on business and the environment, biotechnology and waste policy, including A Zero Waste UK (Green Alliance/IPPR, November 2006).

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