Battle news
5 February 2013
Battle of Ideas 2013 at The Barbican
Barbican main entrance

We are delighted to announced that, for the second time, the Battle of Ideas festival will be held at the Barbican in London. This year the Battle of Ideas weekend will be the third weekend of October: 19-20 October 2013. Put the date in your diary and we’ll see you all there. We are starting to programme the festival now and tickets will be on sale in March - once again the Battle of Ideas will be a focus for Europe-wide intellectual discussions about the key social, artistic, economic, political and scientific issues of our times.


Why isn't poverty history yet?

"Who would choose to go to a session on free will at 10:30 on a Sunday morning? A few hundred of the most engaged, passionate and discursive participants I have encountered. As a neuroscientist on the panel I felt my science was aired and challenged in exemplary fashion. As a passionate believer in engagement I couldn’t have been more delighted."
Daniel Glaser, head, special projects, public engagement, Wellcome Trust

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