Sarah E James

Sarah teaches in the History of Art Department at UCL, and her current research interests include: photography, photo-essays and documentary practices. Her new book Common Ground: photography in Germany during the Cold War will be published by Yale University Press in Spring 2013. She has published numerous articles, chapters and catalogue essays on photography and contemporary art. She also writes as a critic, contributing regularly to the magazines Frieze, Photoworks, Art Review and Art Monthly.

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Sunday 21 October 2012, 6.30pm Fountain Room


Common Ground: photography in Germany during the Cold War, Yale University Press in Spring 2013

– ‘Modernism and Photography’, in Companion to Photography, ed., Stephen Bull, WileyBlackwell, (9000 word chapter
  forthcoming 2012)

– ‘A Socialist Realist Sander? Comparative Portraiture as a Marxist Model in the German Democratic Republic’, forthcoming, Grey Room, 47 Spring 2012.

– ‘A Post-fascistic Family of Man? Humanism, Democracy & Photography in Postwar Germany’, submitted to Oxford Art Journal, forthcoming November 2012.

– ‘Burkhardt von Harder’s Archive Mirror’, Photoworks, Vol. 18, Autumn/Winter  
  2011, pp.4-17.

– ‘Interview on War Primer II: Broomberg and Chanarin’, Photoworks, Vol. 17, Autumn/Winter  
  2011, pp. 22-28.

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