Dr Paul Reeves

Paul Reeves is a designer of engineering software having worked both commercially and as an academic researcher. He joined SolidWorks R&D (part of Dassault Systèmes) in 2007.

Previously he had worked at Airbus, Aviva, Warwick University (Manufacturing Group, working with Jaguar Land Rover) as well as several smaller engineering oriented software companies producing CAD/CAM software.
He is keen to both enthuse about the benefits large scale, bold engineering brings to society as well as get engineers to more actively defend their profession and its impact on the world in a society which often appears less than enthusiastic to do so.

As well as academic papers related to vehicle platform design control, he has written for the Urban Design Journal and spiked and had published academic papers on managing complexity in automotive design programs. He has also worked as convener for the manufacturing work group for Big Potatoes – The London Manifesto for Innovation.

Paul originally studied Aeronautics and Astronautics at in the 1980s, has a PhD in industrial aerodynamics, completed a MSc in Engineering Business Management at the Warwick Manufacturing Group and can just about recall seeing on tv the first flight of Concorde and the moon landings in 1969.

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