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Eco-imperialism at the Bali summit?
Are Western powers offsetting their industrial growth by blackmailing poorer countries to foreswear development? One writer thinks so.
James Heartfield, spiked, 18 December 2007

Are driverless pods the future?
There are no drivers, no rails, no timetables and no emissions. But, most importantly for passengers, there are no queues.
Lucy Rodgers, BBC News, 18 December 2007

Music as a way to address Social Inclusion and Respect for Diversity in early childhood
It is apparent that cross-community development of music skills has been and continues to be an effective means of addressing prejudice with young people.
Oscar Odena, Queen's University, December 2007

Citizenship and National Identity in Twentieth-century Germany
By considering how Germans defined themselves and others, the book explores how nationality and citizenship rights were constructed, and how Germans defined - and contested - their national community over the century.

Geoff Eley & Jan Palmowski (eds.), Stanford University Press, 15 December 2007

Privatising Zionism
Increasingly, Israel is handing over its 'Judaisation' project to private firms - leading to a corrosion of accountability.
Neve Gordon and Erez Tzfadia, Comment is Free, 14 December 2007

Sound Moves: IPod Culture and Urban Experience
Tthe Apple iPod acts as an urban Sherpa for many of its users and in doing so joins the mobile army of technologies that many of us habitually use to accompany our daily lives. Through our use of such mobile and largely sound based devices, Sound Moves demonstrates how and why the spaces of the city are being transformed right in front of our ears.

Michael Bull, Routledge, 12 December 2007

National Security for the Twenty-First Century
The report provides a balanced analysis, examining both successes and failures in national policy, and offers an innovative set of recommendations which should be of interest to policy-makers, officials and analysts alike.
Charlie Edwards, Demos, 10 December 2007

Making choice easier
Abortion needs to be as safe and accessible as possible. The government should push ahead with plans to offer early abortions at GP surgeries
Ann Furedi, Guardian Comment is Free, 5 December 2007

There's no new 'scramble for Africa'
China’s relationship with Africa is no threat to the West - all the major economies are gaining from a continent that is no longer a ‘basket case’.
Stuart Simpson, spiked, 4 December 2007

The Politics of Antisocial Behaviour: Amoral Panics
Antisocial behaviour is becoming a universally accepted problem and one that dominates the political and popular imagination. By providing a new criminological framework for understanding the fear of crime, this book reposes the increasingly important debate around antisocial behaviour and the internationally understood idea of moral panics.

Stuart Waiton, Routledge, 30 November 2007

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