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Why the camp? What’s the real intent?
The climate change protesters haven’t thought this one through.
Hugo Rifkind, The Times, 28 August 2009

You say ‘underclass’, we say ‘white trash’
Chris Grayling’s comparison of Moss Side with The Wire was silly, but his critics have vilified the working class, too.
Neil Davenport, spiked, 27 August 2009

Facebook forced to tighten up privacy rules
Users' control over personal data will be increased following complaints from Canada's privacy commissioner.
Richard Wray, The Guardian, 27 August 2009

Time to Be Afraid of the Web?
Internet users used to comfort themselves by thinking that to become victims of the pirates of the Web, they had to frequent the online porn circuit or respond to an e-mail from the widowed wife of the former central bank governor of Nigeria.
Eduardo Porter, New York Times, 27 August 2009

What Matters
It would be a mistake to think that because the US is a less racist, sexist and homophobic society, it is a more equal society. In fact, in certain crucial ways it is more unequal than it was 40 years ago.
Walter Benn Michaels, London Review of Books, 27 August 2009

Tony Blair: 'More to life than pleasure'
Tony Blair condemned the pursuit of pleasure as 'an end in itself'. He made the case against individualism, linking it to the present financial crisis.
Ruth Gledhill, Times Online, 27 August 2009

Bird Brain
Is art criticism so easy that a pigeon can do it?
Morgan Meis, The Smart Set, 26 August 2009

‘Peak Oil’ Is a Waste of Energy
We can’t let the false threat of disappearing oil lead the government to throw money away on harebrained renewable energy schemes or impose unnecessary and expensive conservation measures on a public already struggling through tough economic times.
Michael Lynch, New York Times, 24 August 2009

How toxic finance created an unstable world
We still lack a conclusive theory about the global financial crisis, but we know a lot more than we did in August 2007. We know, for example, that simple monocausal explanations are at best insufficient and most likely paranoid and lazy.
Wolfgang Münchau, Financial Times, 23 August 2009

Customers call for Whole Foods boycott
'Whole Foods is expensive but people shop here because they identify with the social conscience of the company - now it turns out that ethos was just a marketing exercise.'
Claire Prentice, BBC News, 23 August 2009

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