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Arts & Culture

The language of music
If you want to instil appreciation and fluency, music is most effectively taught when kids are young
Philippa Ibbotson, Guardian, 17 January 2007

£10m funding to boost music education
‘Music is a powerful learning tool which can build children’s confidence, teamwork and language skills’
staff writer, DfES, 15 January 2007

Culture Vultures: Is UK Arts Policy Damaging the Arts?
Politicians and policy-makers take every opportunity to talk up the arts' importance to society...the arts are now not only good in themselves, but are valued for their contribution to the economy, urban regeneration and social inclusion.

Munira Mirza (ed.), Policy Exchange, 3 January 2007

The nature of the beast: cultural diversity policies and the visual arts sector
‘Since the 1970s, cultural diversity initiatives within the visual arts sector have arguably exacerbated rather than confronted exclusionary pathologies of the art world’
Richard Hylton, Institute of Contemporary Interdisciplinary Arts, 2006

Siren Song
From the tough sexy females of the war-time to the eunuchs of post-war era, icons of the big screen are a product of their time
Germaine Greer, Guardian, 29 December 2006

It’s music to their ears but a nuisance to us
News report on the aural scourge of public transport; tinny music played through a mobile phone
Auslan Cramb, Telegraph, 7 December 2006

Frost/Nixon: an intellectual Rocky
Rob Lyons, spiked, 3 December 2006

Diversity is divisive
Munira Mirza, spiked, 22 November 2006

Shop till global injustice drops!
Nathalie Rothschild, spiked, 19 November 2006

Banksy woz ere - unfortunately
Why does the 'guerrilla artist' beloved of fashionistas paint on the street? So that he can insult the man in the street.
Emily Hill, spiked, 9 November 2006

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