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Who Says Video Games Have to be Fun? The Rise of Serious Games
Headline-grabbing subjects like global warming or third-world poverty aren’t the only ones tackled in serious games. Some of the genre’s most captivating offerings take on topics that are a bit further from the limelight.
Bryan Ochalla, Gamasutra, 29 June 2007

The blogosphere risks putting off everyone but point-scoring males
The internet is too often like a stuffy meeting room on a bad night
Jonathan Freedland, Guardian, 10 April 2007

Harassing the paparazzi
Tessa Mayes, spiked, 1 April 2007

It may start as an innocent flirtation, but be warned, you too could become a lonely Myspace addict
Myspace: a place to post countless photos of yourself doing stupid, inane poses and write gushing blogs for others to read?
Peaches Geldof, Guardian, 29 March 2007

Can u speak teenager?
Online social networking sites are the key to a teenager’ world, it is like a garganutuan digital version of a Jane Austen novel
Lucy Austin, Telegraph, 23 March 2007

The political power of the network
We have to hope that new technologies will lead to changes in the distribution of power and not merely superficial changes to political practice
Bill Thompson, BBC, 22 February 2007

Big Question: Does the internet liberate or undermine democracy?
For real democracy to function, somebody has to make, and enforce the rules. The internet is no exception
Andy McSmith, Independent, 22 February 2007

Media must respect Bachchan’s privacy!
The moot question is how far our media in general and the journalists who represent it in general should get involved and intrude in the personal affairs of the celebrities. The bubbling zest of paparazzi in Paris has already cost lives of Lady Diana in the Royal British family and also that of Dodi al Fayed, who was the only son of an Egyptian business tycoon.
Ganesh Sovani, Ivarta, 30 January 2007

Social Network Sites: Public, Private, or What?
To understand their role in socialising today’s youth, educators need to explore the social dynamics of mediated public life like social network sites
Danah Boyd, The Knowledge Tree, Edition 13, 2006

The Social SoftWar
Conflicts on the net, as elsewhere, need not have recourse to a labour theory of rights to be political struggles
Angela Mitropoulos, Mute Magazine, 31 December 2006

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