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The Leveson report will be good for freedom
Although regulation is the word widely used (often pejoratively), what it should mean here is the industry having due process, effectively applied standards and accountability, and effective redress, none of which is objectionable, and has been supported by virtually all the press insiders in their submissions to Leveson.
Peter Lloyd, Free Society, 26 September 2012

Leveson revealed the tabloid tribe and their weird customs
They are strange creatures, the tabloid hackery. Too often they fit the film stereotype of the man in the trilby hat complete with a "press" label and long raincoat smoking a cigarette – with a taste for loose women and even looser morals.
John Mair, Guardian, 24 September 2012

Making trouble is the greatest press freedom of all
An excoriating book by Mick Hume on the 'rogues' of Fleet Street casts an important new light on the tight and nervous world of post-Leveson journalism
Peter Preston, Guardian, 23 September 2012

Don't Fall for the Crocodile Tears of the Hillsborough Hypocrites
Following the publication of the damning report on the Hillsborough disaster, there have been paroxysms of handwringing in the political and media classes.
Brendan O'Neill, Huffington Post, 13 September 2012

There is No Such Thing as a Free Press ...and we need one more than ever
Once the media reported the news. Now it makes it. The phone-hacking scandal and the Leveson Inquiry into the culture, practice and ethics of the media has put the UK press under scrutiny and on trial as never before.

Mick Hume, Imprint Acaademic, 1 September 2012

Leveson 'loading a gun' against papers, warns Independent's editor
Chris Blackhurst says letter from Lord Justice Leveson warning of potential criticism of press in inquiry's report is a 'diatribe'
Lisa O'Carroll, Guardian, 29 August 2012

Leveson on the press: "It all sounds rather depressing, actually"
Lord Justice Leveson's quest for balance between press freedom and censorship leaves only one task outstanding - the creation of a new regulatory body for the British press...
Raymond Snoddy, MediaTel, 18 July 2012

Summing up what we’ve learnt on Leveson, Murdoch and law
The fuss has died down as the inquiry has piled up a mountain of facts and opinions. Politicians have realised that the interest in the scandal outside the worlds of media and politics has faded.
George Brock,, May 2012

The war between fact and fallacy in US politics
Inadvertently, a high-ranking conservative Republican has captured the political zeitgeist. During budget debates earlier this month about reproductive healthcare provider Planned Parenthood, Arizona senator Jon Kyle was caught falsely insisting on the Senate floor that providing abortions is ‘well over 90 per cent of what Planned Parenthood does’
Wendy Kaminer, spiked, 27 April 2012

Citizens, the Floor is Yours!
Citizen journalistic experiences differ from one context to the next in terms of roles and objectives, the produced contents, their formats and their quality.
Nadia Faris, Nordic Page, 11 March 2012

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