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A Revolution in the Making
Digital technology is transforming manufacturing, making it leaner and smarter—and raising the prospect of an American industrial revival
John Koten, The Wall Street Journal, 10 June 2013

Locking together aid, trade and investment for a prosperous future
A shift from Aid for Trade to Investment for Trade potentially has many implications. As researchers, we used to look at the consequences of aid, but with AfT appearing as part of a new agenda that includes its role in leveraging other flows, we also need to examine how the leveraged investments help to build trade capacity and how effective AfT is in leveraging other flows (rather than the other way around).
Dirk Willem te Velde, ODI, 5 June 2013

Engineers, be bold - Britain needs grander designs
A dearth of real engineering ambition is holding back the sector. Big, ambitious projects are needed to put us back on track.
Paul Reeves and Martyn Perks, Independent Voices, 8 October 2012

Climate change: EU rebrands green energy campaign
"The UK has enjoyed massive growth in the green economy with 110,000 green jobs. Climate change policies also help us reduce our imports of fossil fuels and help to give us the lead in smart technologies as resources become more scarce."
Roger Harrabin, BBC News, 8 October 2012

Who Destroyed the Economy? The Case Against the Baby Boomers
Retirees and near-retirees are leaving behind a devastated economy for their children ... but are we doing anything to fix it? Here, two generations debate who's really to blame for the wreckage.
Jim Tankersley, The Atlantic, 5 October 2012

Youth unemployment: the crisis we cannot afford
The costs of these levels of long-term youth unemployment – now and in the future – are enormous. This is a crisis we cannot afford
The ACEVO Commission on Youth Unemployment, 2012

Does economic growth make you happy?
The case against making increased GDP per capita the overriding policy objective is that it doesn’t deliver the increased happiness or welfare if promises.
Robert Skidelsky, TLS, 28 September 2012

Looking beyond market and power
Differing social and cultural patterns amongst Europeans are all too often overlooked. And this poses a threat to the core of the European project, points out a Dutch sociologist, arguing that political leaders should engage in a dialogue with their citizens.
Gabriël van den Brink, presseurop, 26 September 2012

Why exit is an option for Germany
Should Germany leave the euro? It is, after all, the big country with an obvious exit option.
Martin Wolf, Financial Times, 25 September 2012

Blunt scissors
Unfortunately, bemoaning red tape is easier than dealing with it
Economist, 22 September 2012

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