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Blunt scissors
Unfortunately, bemoaning red tape is easier than dealing with it
Economist, 22 September 2012

Employment law exemptions are key to unlocking growth for Challenger Businesses
To unleash growth for start-ups the government must create exemptions in employment law and simplify the enforcement of existing regulations, a new report, Red Tape Challenge – Challenger Businesses, suggests.
Institute of Economic Affairs, 20 September 2012

The summer Davos blues
Global movers and shakers are worried about China
Economist, 15 September 2012

China is losing its manufacturing lead
China’s attraction as a global manufacturing base has not worn off yet, but several developments are chipping it away.
George Magnus, Financial Times, 13 September 2012

The Tragedy of the European Union and How to Resolve it
I have been a fervent supporter of the European Union as the embodiment of an open society—a voluntary association of equal states that surrendered part of their sovereignty for the common good. The euro crisis is now turning the European Union into something fundamentally different.
George Soros, New York Review of Books, 12 September 2012

Twitter clash between idealism and profit
For years, the microblogging service beloved by the celebrity crowd was ridiculed for ignoring the hard question of how to make money. So what happens when Twitter finally gets serious about profits?
Richard Waters, Financial Times, 12 September 2012

Draghi alone cannot save the euro
Is there any way the ECB on its own could make it more credible that the eurozone will last? The answer is: yes and no.
Martin Wolf, Financial Times, 11 September 2012

Now we have to rely on the right to fight the feral rich
Let's hear it for Charles Moore, the Spectator and FT. Their attacks on the feral elite contrast with a virtually silent Labour
John Harris, Guardian, 9 September 2012

Greekonomics: The Euro crisis and why politicians don't get it

Politicians ignored or downplayed these in creating the Euro and indeed made the problem worse by watering down the controls that were in place. If the Euro is to survive in the long term, even greater political and fiscal integration and cooperation will be required.

Vicky Pryce, Biteback Publishing, 9 September 2012

Paul Krugman: "The euro is a shaky construction"
To save the single currency beset by difficulties that stem from its initial design, Economics Nobel Prize laureate Paul Krugman argues that Europe should set its sights on low inflation but forget about implementing uniform austerity measures.
Philippe Coste, presseurop, 6 September 2012

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