Philip Walters

Philip is Chair of Rising Stars Publishers, and the GL Education Group. He is also a Director of four other companies -  Encyclopaedia Britannica, Book Source, Nelson Croom and CABI. He is a Trustee of Yale University Press (London).  Prior to that he was Chief Executive of Hodder Education, the second largest secondary school publisher in the UK. He worked at Hodder for over 30 years. He is Chair of Book Aid International, the charity that equips school, university and public libraries in sub-Saharan African countries with books and learning materials that would not be affordable otherwise. He has been an Associate of the Institute of Ideas for eight years, and was involved in the Debating Matters competition from a very early stage in its development.

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Sunday 2 November 2008, 5.45pm Seminar Space
Free speech on campus

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"For one weekend in the year, in the centre of London, it's as if ideas matter, it's as if the world really can be made a better place through the free and energetic exercise of reason."
Austen Ivereigh, Catholic commentator