Phil Mullan

Phil Mullan is an economist and business manager. Author of The Imaginary Time Bomb: why an ageing population is not a social problem (IB Tauris, 2000), he has researched, written and lectured on economic, demographic and business issues. Currently he is researching on economic trends in the Western world, and writing a book on Getting Back our Mojo.
In other time he works in business, currently as the director of Epping Consulting, having recently completed eight years in senior management roles with Easynet Global Services, an international telecommunication services company. Previously Phil had been chief executive of the internet services and training company Cybercafé Ltd, which had opened the world’s first internet cafe, Cyberia, in London in 1994.

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"The audience were the stars of the Battle of Ideas - engaged, informed and enthusiastic. As a panellist, I felt both ashamed and educated. Exactly as it should be."
John Street, professor of politics, University of East Anglia