Cia Durante

London-based artist Florencia Durante studied Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design graduating in 2000 and completed a Masters in Fine Art Photography at the Royal College of Art in 2005. Florencia was President of Students’ Union at the Royal College of Art during 2006/7. Since then Florencia has been working for FuelRCA as Programme Manager developing college-wide professional practice as well as spending time in her studio. Florencia’s most recent show this year was “Seeing is Believing” at the Photographer’s Gallery in January 2008 and recent publications include her work series “Envelopment” published by Next Level (issue 10).

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Saturday 1 November 2008, 3.30pm Student Union
Stealing Picasso?

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"I was astonished by the interest and by the fact that so many thoughtful and intelligent people were willing to give up a huge part of their weekends to listen to and discuss ideas."
Ruth Gledhill, religion correspondent, The Times