Amin Taha

Director at Amin Taha Architects which for three years running has been selected as one of Europe’s 40 emerging practices. He was born in 1969 in Berlin where he lived before moving to Baghdad then the UK in 1976. Graduated and practiced in Edinburgh in 1992, moved to London and worked for a number of offices including Zaha Hadid before setting up Amin Taha Architects in 2003. He is amongst four directors that are committed to a have completed award winning buildings in the UK and won a number of competitions within Europe and the Middle East. He has conducted EU funded research projects on Urban Design and Sustainable Mass Housing Production and teaches and lectures within the UK and Europe.

He promotes a ‘Multi-Valent’ Modernism drawn on a wider sense of physical and social context, allowing these and sometimes their subversion to better define a uniqueness and connectivity with the existing and intended situation.

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