Battle of Ideas 2008 welcome address
Saturday 1 November, 10.00am until 10.20am, Upper Gulbenkian Gallery

The fourth annual Battle of Ideas festival will open with a Welcome Address hosted by Institute of Ideas Science and Society director Tony Gilland.

Read Institute of Ideas Director Claire Fox’s introductory essay to the Battle of Ideas 2008.

Professor Sir Christopher Frayling
rector, Royal College of Art; Professor of Cultural History, RCA; chairman, Arts Council England.
Professor Sir Astrid Wissenburg
director, communications and information, ESRC
Sujata Sen
director East India British Council, programme leader, projects related to Intercultural Dialogue and Literature
John Dovey
acting president UK Corporates BT Global Services
Tony Gilland
associate fellow, Institute of Ideas

 Festival Buzz

"I was astonished by the interest and by the fact that so many thoughtful and intelligent people were willing to give up a huge part of their weekends to listen to and discuss ideas."
Ruth Gledhill, religion correspondent, The Times