Battle of Ideas 2014
18 & 19 October |

Two days of high-level, thought-provoking, public debate organised by the Institute of Ideas at the Barbican.
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Speakers include
Yaron Brook, Executive director, Ayn Rand Institute

Lisa Harker, Director of strategy, policy and evidence, NSPCC

Robin Aitken, co-founder, Oxford Food Bank

Frank Furedi, Associate, Centre for Parenting Culture Studies, University of Kent, Canterbury; author, Wasted, Politics of Fear, On Tolerance and Authority: a sociological history

Ian Crawford, professor of planetary science and astrobiology, Birkbeck College, University of London

David Didau, former teacher; blogger, The Learning Spy; author, The Secret of Literacy

Daniel Ben-Ami, finance and economics writer; author Ferraris for All: in defence of economic progress and Cowardly Capitalism

Clare Gerada, GP; past chair, Royal College of General Practitioners

Phil Booth, coordinator, medConfidential

The Battle of Ideas is produced by the
Institute of Ideas

“Some of the freest speech I have enjoyed in years.”
Baroness Ruth Deech QC, crossbench peer; chairman, Bar Standards Board

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